Rags to rugs!

Rugs are one of those things in the house that not only add to the beauty of the room but also makes it more comfortable. Walking around on a soft rug is a very soothing experience. But sadly many people stay away from putting rugs in their homes as they get dirty very easily. People walk on them on a daily basis. On top of that there is also a high chance that someone will spill something on it and mess it up. So should you stay away from using rugs?
Thankfully, the answer to that is a no! You should definitely use rugs to make your rooms more comfortable and luxurious. The only thing you need to keep in mind is that you need to have a good rug cleaner on your calling list. One of the best places to depend on for an effective rug cleaning is www.loveyourrug.ca in Toronto Canada. They are Canada’s largest rug cleaning and repair company.
Two types of area rugs
There are mainly two types of rugs used in a

Tipe for Patio Steps

Patio Steps

Patio steps are often the functional quick access point between the house’s tall patio structure and the backyard. Rather than stepping down and risking tripping on the grass from your patio, having accessible steps eliminates the risks and completes the transition from home to nature. They are also useful for access from the backyard to the front.

As a rule, patio steps are wider and broader than standard residential steps. Patio steps should be at least 4′ wide to allow two people to stroll comfortably beside each other and even pause to sit on the steps while they enjoy the surroundings. The accepted minimum riser height for a patio step is 4 inches and not higher than 7 inches.

Some common relationships between the riser and tread for patio stairs are:

  • 4-inch riser = 18-inch tread
  • 5-inch riser = 17-inch tread
  • 6-inch riser = 14-inch tread
  • 7-inch riser = 12-inch tread

Whatever combination you select, keep all stairs risers the same. A difference of just 1/4 inch is readily detectable when walking up stairs and may cause someone to stumble. Additionally, if you have more than one set

8 Large Bathroom Designs

While many of us have to live with a small bathroom due to cost or space, large bathroom designs give us hope to one day enjoy a luxurious bathroom with a full tub, walk-in shower, plenty of counter space, heated floors or even a 60” TV in our very own master bath.

Forget small. We went big and found eight large bathroom designs we can all dream of. While the average cost is certainly higher than a standard bathroom remodeling project, there are certain designs and tips you can steal and use in your smaller or average-sized bathroom.

We have all heard of open concept living rooms and kitchens, but how about an open concept traditional bathroom? That is exactly what they did with this gorgeous bathroom remodel by tearing down a few walls and adding a custom spa tub below a glass ceiling and traditional chandelier. They even went so bold to add an open concept shower with a window above, mosaic tile surround and a rainfall shower head (a must in larger bathrooms). Finally, they added more than enough custom cabinets to store as many towels or

The Top Home Resolutions You Need To Make

The start of the New Year is a popular time to make resolutions. Promises to lose weight, eat healthy, save more money and quit smoking are common goals that we set in order to improve ourselves and our personal life. But, what about making a resolution to improve your living space?

Your home should be your special sanctuary – a place to regroup, rest and reboot. By setting specific goals for your home, you can make your whole year happier and more comfortable. Here are a few DIY ideas to spark your New Year’s resolution list.

The Top Home Resolutions You Need To Make In 2016

Get Your Garage Organized

Your garage is an area within your home that can quickly become a disorganized mess. With multiple family members utilizing this area, it can easily become a dumping ground.

Take back control of your space by installing a shelving unit and designating a spot for everything in your garage, then label the area so that everyone in your family is on the same page. For example, bikes will be in the front right corner, sporting goods will

6 Tips to Make the Most of Your Summer Garden


 Once again, we can expect soaring temperatures this summer. So here are 6 tips for how to deal with gardening in hot weather.

  1. Lawn feeding

Experts recommend not feeding your lawn when the weather is excessively hot. The main reason is that when the temperature of the soil increases – the ability to absorb and make use of the fertilizer is diminished. Using granular fertilizer products can also result in lawn burn if applied during hot weather.

  1. Summer thunderstorms

While storms can sometimes cause damage – they can also be a great source of natural rainwater for use in the garden. Keen gardeners should be prepared with a water butt to collect any summer rainfall, and later use for much-needed watering of flowers and lawns.

Another great advantage of this method is that it avoids any moral dilemma regarding wasting water – as the water is free and recycled. In fact, some gardeners might even go as far as to construct a timed irrigation system to make the best use of rainwater for watering their gardens – ensuring that water is delivered at optimal times and

Acquire the right mattresses online for your convenience

Sleep in one of the most essential activities for your body, because this is the time, when you can gain energy and relax to begin a new day. If you do not get a proper night’s sleep, then it is very tough to perform all the activities that you have to do during the day. The body, including its organs and cells, requires resting comfortably every day. If you are serving very hard to your family, they you need a bed that can provide you a satisfying and comfortable sleep, otherwise you will compromise the sleep quality you get each night after a hard day’s work. Getting a right choice does not necessarily mean that you need to spend a large range of time going from bed shop to bed shop seeking to One bed mattress. You can efficiently resort to the web mattress shopping. Doing your mattress online shopping is comfortable, but you have to ensure that you prefer a mattress that will assist you sleep soundly at night. Once you begin seeking for the right mattress, you may search yourself faced with an overwhelming plenty of choices on the market.

How to Prepare for a Cross-Country Move

If you’re moving across the country, the change of scene and culture will be a wonderful way to feel fresh and young again. Before you get to experience the excitement of your new life, however, you need to take care of the nitty-gritty of moving. Try to keep the following pointers in mind, avoiding the troublesome mistakes that trip families up at one point or another.

Say no to DIY moving and long-distance house rentals

Hiring professional movers for the average three-bedroom house can cost as much as $10,000, and it might seem to make sense to simply get a self-drive moving van. It isn’t a smart idea, however. Not only are these vans often a hazard because of poor maintenance, they can be hard for anyone without a commercial driver’s license to handle. Accidents are common. Hiring professional cross-country movers is a wise move.

Many families moving make a huge mistake deciding on the house to rent in the new city, sight unseen. While it’s certainly possible to look at images and video on the Internet, they can never take the place of an actual in-person look. There’s a lot that photography can mask, and it can be hard

Let Us Learn The Known Issues and Frequently Asked Questions About Water Heater

Water heater is a necessity of life, similar to other equipment such as refrigerator etc. There are various options available for water heater based on solar, gas and electricity. No matter how it is based, the basic principle of water heater remains the same. You need to take care and do the maintenance regularly in order to keep it going.

The following are few frequently asked questions grouped as below.

Questions related to common issues faced:

  • The water does not heat / reheat enough.

This might be because the thermostat has not been set properly or it might not be working because of either loose wiring.

  • The water is rusty / colored.

The anode rod keeps the tank free from rusting. Hence, the anode might have dissolved or other scaling might have built up. You will have to check the required anode and other elements or think of replacing / cleaning them.

  • The water smells foul.

Usually this occurs when the tank is affected with bacteria or other particles and is not because of non-working of water heater. This can be solved by either flushing the tank or replacing proper anode.

  • Discover leakage problems with water heater or faulty dip tube.

If the leakage problem is with faulty dip tube,

Garage Door Cable Repair – What You Should Do

A garage door is a big door on garage that can be opened either manually or with the help of an electric motor. These are large doors, so big that usually they can accommodate automobiles. There are two types of garage doors depending upon the size of the door. Usually, small doors are made up of single panel whereas large ones are made up of multiple panels. These garage doors are made up of variety of materials including wood fiberglass as well as metal. In some cases, the garage doors can be insulated for preventing heat loss.

Discover the Problem

There are 3 types of links present in a garage door. They are the torsion link, an expansion spring and a security link. Before trying to alter your garage door, it is important to know each and every part of the garage door. Next thing is that you have to analyze the place where the issue is arising. The problem may be with the administrator or the link. Usually, it is easy for a common man to find out the problem with the link. In case of any problem with the administrator, professional’s help is strictly needed.

Track Inspection

The garage door moves

Furnace Repairs Service in Columbus, Ohio

Do you have any problem with your furnace and need professional to help you dealing with the problem? Then, it should be wise to call your nearby furnace repair. If you are living around Columbus, Ohio, Company of  Air is recommended for any one or you who need your furnace repaired. Company of Air provides Columbus furnace repairs which is equipped by new furnace systems which are more efficient and technical than the one you found in the past. If you are wondering where to find experienced and skillful technicians, make sure that you consider Company of Air since they can perfectly meet your need.

Well, Company of Heating and Air is actually certified technicians which is able to repair any unit of furnace you have in fast and efficient way. You can call their service in all day long and then you can schedule your repair service with them as soon as possible. There are some positive points provided by Company of Air for each client work with them. First, they let us to get clear discussion about our repair including the price and the option of repair. They have unique pricing systems which somehow help us to

11 Home Improvement Trends That Will Shine

It’s a fresh new year, and there’s lots of DIY to do. Some things will never change. Running toilets need to be fixed, walls need to be painted and you have to take the squeak out of that step. Other projects are more like electives, like redecorating or upgrading your kitchen, bath or mechanicals. Whatever improvements you plan (or don’t plan) for, there are new techniques and tools and materials that can influence your decisions. There are also growing design styles to look out for and take inspiration from. So, what’s new (or old but coming back) in 2015?

Houses as Homes

This qualifies as old is new again. Expect to see more people renovating rather than moving. The housing bubble was all about houses as money making investments, and while buying a home is still certainly an investment, the focus now is more long term. People are staying put and upgrading and expanding. More homes are also being adapted for multigenerational families. That leads to the next trend…

Universal Design

This concept is more in-depth than simply “handicapped accessible.” Universal design means ease of use is built in to the function of a

6 Insanely Clever Ways To Organize Your Tiny Kitchen

An organized kitchen is essential for cooking, entertaining and everyday living. When the kitchen is out of whack, you feel out of whack. It’s harder to be productive and inspired in a messy environment.

Now picture a kitchen that’s also small in size. The organization game gets even tougher. It becomes overwhelming to think about where you’re going to store items without creating more piles and clutter. See six insanely clever ways to organize your tiny kitchen so you can effortlessly cook, enjoy and entertain.

Cabinets & Drawers

Disorganized cabinets and drawers is a big pet peeve for most homeowners. It becomes difficult to find anything, or get to your other dishes, when stuff is thrown everywhere. It can also feel pretty frustrating when you’re in a hurry or have guests coming over.

First things first, get those pots and pans in order with one of the many gadgets that are out there. Lowe’s has some great pullout shelves and cabinets that will have you jumping for joy! No longer do you have to spend time digging and clanging to reach that one specific dish you need.

Another practical option is to purchase

Stunning Bathroom Backsplash Ideas

Adding a backsplash is a great way to enhance the appearance of your bathroom. Many homeowners think about using a backsplash in their kitchen, but don’t realize how many options there are for the bathroom too. It’s simply a matter of deciding what your taste is and how much you want to add.

There are so many different backsplash materials, colors, designs and trends to choose from, that it can be overwhelming if you aren’t fully informed before you start shopping. This article outlines exactly what you need to know about bathroom backsplash, so you can pick a style that’s right for you and your home.


Think about what features you care about most when selecting a material. Is it ease of cleaning, durability or visual appeal? Below are some different ideas to get you thinking about what you might like.

Natural stacked stone and stone river rock tiles create a textured and natural look in the bathroom. Get creative with the color, design and type of stone or rock. If stone isn’t your thing, you can aim for something similar like brick. Ceramic tile is always a popular option with homeowners because

How Much Does It Cost To Paint A House

Painting has been and will remain the easiest, quickest and oftentimes, cheapest way to add real value to your home. A new coat of paint will not only change the look and feel of your home, but greatly influence its interest should you ever decide to sell.

Whether you are paining the interior or exterior of your home yourself, or hiring a pro, it always comes down to cost. Continue reading to see the average costs of the major painting projects around the country, how to limit those costs and how to get started on your own painting project.

Exterior Painting Cost

Like many projects, location and size will have the biggest cost impact on your exterior painting project. Taking into account average paint materials and supplies, the average price to paint a home’s exterior is $2,394. As we noted in our exterior painting cost estimator, this average includes professional labor, supplies and the paint itself. While it would most likely take longer to do yourself, know that you could save thousands. The only costs would be the paint itself and your time.

Factors Affecting Exterior Painting Costs

Hiring A Pro, Location &

The 3 Principles of Interior Design

A beautifully decorated interior not only functions well but it creates a mood or a feeling and shows off the personality of the family that lives there. It’s attention to these three important ingredients — function, mood and personality — that ensures decorating success.

Before painting and rearranging, spend some time thinking about your family and how you live. Look through magazines for inspiration and pull out ideas or rooms that appeal to you. Gather things from around the house that make you feel good and study them carefully for color cues and perhaps a clue to the mood you’re looking for in your home. This is the beginning of a well-planned and decorated living area.

As for the rest, let’s start with function.


Decorating is more than just eye appeal — it’s making a room really work for you. Here’s how to do it, element by element:

  • The focal point: Sometimes rooms have natural focal points (places the eyes travel to

8 Companies That Help You Beautifully Hack IKEA Furniture


Update your bulky bed, couch, and chair legs with sleek designs that will totally elevate the style in your home. This company offers a variety of shapes and colors — including this gold-dipped version. Afterward, your friends won’t believe you bought all of your furniture at IKEA.

2 Bemz

If your furniture is in tip-top shape, but you’re way over the boring neutral color you picked out in IKEA’s warehouse, all you need is a stylish slipcover. This company offers more than 250 different designer fabrics and then personally crafts yours to fit the IKEA style you already own.

3 Kokeena

The beauty of this company is that they essentially give you custom-made cabinets without giving up the valuable price of IKEA, because all you’re doing is buying the doors. Each piece is made to order, so you can ask the designers to make pieces based off of existing furniture that has caught your eye — or dream up something totally unique.

4 Panyl

Forget the paint and the mess. Panyl sells furniture coverings that you can peel and stick on the front of your doors or drawers that

A Bright Makeover Finally Made Christina Applegate Love Her Kitchen

The kitchen, which the actress describes as being “god awful” and the “ugliest kitchen” she’d ever seen was a pain point — “Every time I would come through here, I just felt angry,” she says — but it seemed like too big of an undertaking for her to tackle on her own.

Then, a flood ravaged the floors in Applegate’s home. “We thought, we’re going to have to rip up every single bit of flooring in the whole house, so we might as well do the kitchen,” she says. The Married with Children star, who is now married with a child herself, knew exactly what she wanted her new kitchen to look like, but she’d need some help to make her vision a reality.

Enter online interior design firm Laurel & Wolf, who helped Applegate craft a clean, modern kitchen that she shared with ELLEDecor.com in the exclusive reveal below.

Laurel & Wolf designer Jessica Today brought in countertops by Caesarstone, Kohler fixtures, Ann Sacks tile and tableware by Table + Dine to

9 Things Every Old House Lover Thinks When They Walk Into One

1 “The potential!!!”

We know, it’s killing you. Only an old house lover could walk into a room like the one above and see puppies and rainbows, figuratively speaking. Others might laugh at you now, but once you’re finished with it, that room will be the envy of everyone you know.
2 “There’s definitely something original underneath that (fill in the blank).”

That drop ceiling is terribly unfortunate. Linoleum exists as far as the eye can see. And what’s up what that wall-to-wall carpeting? The suspense of what lies beneath is enough to drive you insane. Aren’t you just itching to grab an ax and start hacking away?!
3 “There’s got to be a story here.”

You’ll probably never know, but it sure is fun to dream. Rooms in old houses always had such intriguing names: keeping rooms, trunk rooms, birthing rooms (yes, really!), or even sleeping porches. In actuality, it might just have been your run-of-mill dining room, but you’d rather believe that something extra-exotic happened here. Hey, with over 200 years of history, there’s bound to have been something.
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4 “I can’t believe they still

This Designer Injected a Century-Old Farmhouse With Modern Hues

I know. It’s pretty jaw-dropping. When you think of a farmhouse, you think of scrubbed white rooms, but I wanted this to be bright and optimistic and strong, with great jolts of color. These are rooms for an active, growing family. There’s nothing namby-pamby here. It’s about confidence and clarity.

Describe the setting for me.

Picture-perfect bucolic, rolling hills as far as you can see. We’re in Far Hills, New Jersey, at Dunwalke Farm, which was founded by my client Andrew Allen’s great-grandfather in 1928 and is still an active farm. This house was originally built for one of the tenants who lived and worked on the property. But as the children grew up and had kids of their own — Andrew’s three boys represent the fifth generation — they claimed their own places, and these houses were transformed to accommodate them. The family didn’t want to grow apart. They wanted to grow together.

What a transformation! You basically exploded the farmhouse with that double-height room.

I can’t take credit for dreaming that up. It was the architect, John Heyrich, who had the idea to fill

How to Sell an Ugly House

Perhaps you’re broke or rushed, and you don’t have the time or money to make home improvements, like finishing the basement or painting the house. Maybe even hiring a cleaning crew to scrub down your home seems like a financial reach. You simply need to sell your not-so-awesome house.

What do you do?

Money talks. If your house is something of an eyesore, you can still sell it. But you’ll almost certainly have to sell it for less than you could have otherwise.

“Price solves all problems,” says Bruce Ailion, a real estate agent and attorney in Atlanta. In addition to selling homes, Ailion manages a hedge fund that buys and rehabs properties to rent or flip. So he has purchased a few dumps in his day.

“I’ve sold all sorts of difficult homes, cracked foundations, a side ripped off by strong winds, mold,” Alison says. He adds that he was able to sell another home, which had a resident who was something of a dog hoarder. “The pet stains had pet stains, and the smell opening the door was overpowering,” he says.

So as bad as your home may seem, it’s probably not unsellable. But you will have to lower

The Hidden Costs of Buying & Maintaining A Swimming Pool

A bright swimming pool on a sunny summer afternoon is always filled with smiles, laughs and all around fun. Swimming pools are great for the family and increasing your home’s value, but they also come with many maintenance items that will lighten your pockets.

Before installing a new outdoor swimming pool, be sure to see the most common costs of buying and maintain a swimming pool.

Costs of Inground vs. Above Ground Pools

Off the bat, all homeowners should know that inground swimming pools are more expensive to install than above ground. You will have to dig a very large hole to place the pool and this can only be done by a swimming pool professional. On average, the cost of installing a new inground swimming pool runs between $14,961 and $21,649. Choosing a pool installed at the ground level won’t require excavation (save $$$). In fact, the cost of an above ground pool is typically a third of that price. They rarely cost more than $4,500 to purchase and professionally install. To see the price in your area, check out our swimming pool installation cost estimator.

Costs of Pool Materials

Like any

Home Improvement Projects That Can Hurt Your Property Value

Are you considering converting your home’s garage into a man cave? Before you permanently ditch parking and storage space in exchange for a testosterone-friendly getaway, you may want to consider this: your garage man cave project could hurt your home’s value and make it harder to sell.

Turning your garage into a living space is one of four home improvement projects highlighted by MarketWatch that could end up sucking the value out of your home.

Homeowners need to think carefully before they get rid of their garage and turn it into a man cave, family room or extra bedroom, because it could make their home less attractive to many people, New York real estate agent Brendon DeSimone, author of the book “Next Generation Real Estate,” told MarketWatch.

A recent survey by real estate investment and operating firm Crescent Communities found that 74 percent of homebuyers said having a garage is extremely or very important. If you still want to proceed with your garage project, consider leaving the garage doors on the outside so if you do sell your house, a buyer has the option to easily turn the space back into a garage, Michele Silverman Bedell, of New York-based Silversons Realty,

5 Household Products You’ll Never Have To Buy Again

Many of us like to keep a clean and tidy home, but it’s disheartening when you realize how much you have to spend purchasing the necessary products. Analyzing what brands to buy and how much you need of each item is a time-consuming and expensive process.

Most of us are too busy to keep track of how much we’re spending on household products each year and the associated health risks. That’s why I’ve come up with a list of everyday DIY sprays, cleaners and deodorizers. The following household products will allow you to produce items in bulk, cut costs and lay your mind to rest knowing you’re cleaning with products that are safe for you and your family.

1. Drain Unclogger

When you own a home, clogged drains are a given. You don’t know when it’ll happen, but when it does, it’s a complete pain. Drano is expensive and doesn’t always get the job done right. It’s also not the best product for your pipes. Save your blood, sweat and tears and mix your own drano at home instead. It’s a simple recipe with a promising outcome.

DIY Instructions (gatesinteriordesign.com):

  • Mix together 1 cup of

DIY Tips For How To Build A Sunroom

For die-hard porch enthusiasts, enclosing the space or a screened in porch may not be attractive. But for the rest of us, the tradeoff can be compelling, especially if you have a large porch that would add substantially to the year-round square footage of your house. And, if you enclose the space with large windows, like we did, you can end up with a dramatic sun room that has a special appeal of its own.

Because so much of the structure is already in place, enclosing a porch is a pretty straightforward project. All that’s really required are installing some windows, adding some insulation and providing some extra heat. Unfortunately, porches come in all shapes and sizes and each is bound to have its own idiosyncrasies that can complicate the job. But the methods we show here can be applied to most designs.


In many ways, enclosing a porch like this means nothing more than installing some windows, and it pays to use good ones. The tilt-wash feature makes cleaning the windows from inside much easier, and the high-end glazing improves the windows’ energy efficiency, which is crucial since the finished room will have